largest-holdings.jpgAround one-third of the wealth on the Canadian Business Rich 100 comes from holdings in publicly traded companies. we put together a virtual portfolio of all those stocks to see how they stack up as investments. The holdings in this simulated portfolio are weighted by total dollar value to match their proportional importance to the wealth of the Rich 100. If you had purchased this bundle of stocks as a mutual fund, you might not quite make it to the Rich 100 list, but you would have done pretty darn well over the past few years.

Sectorial Breakdown

The fund is reasonable well diversified. While natural resources form a larger part of Canada's overall economy, the Rich Index is more heavily weighted to consumer business.

  • Consumer discretionary 30%
  • Consumer Staples 21%
  • IT % Telecom 13%
  • Financials 19%
  • Energy & Materials 11%
  • Industrials 6%